AWS: Simple Storage Service(S3)

Amazon Simple Storage Service known as S3 is used to store files.

  • The max files size that can be stored is 5TB.
  • The files can be stored in a structure called buckets.

A bucket is your root resource in which you add, delete or modify objects.

There are all sorts of configuration options that you can set on buckets like permission, posting options and logging.

Functions of an S3 bucket:

  • It can trigger events when objects are added/modified or deleted.
  • It can preserve older versions of objects.
  • It can automatically replicate the object access regions.

Once created, the S3 buckets are accessed via a URL.

S3 bucket URL example:

s3-us-west is the name of region, is the bucket name,

xyz_logo.jpg is the name of the file inside the bucket.

Bucket can be used to hold the static files for the websites.

S3 makes it simple to host a static website.

But how can solve latency in S3?

We can use CloudFront to build cache.

S3 – Pricing

Amount of data stored

No. Of requests

Amount of data transfered

Per bucket

$0.03 per GB

$0.005 per 1000 requests

$0.09 per GB

For more info visit 

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