Spring Boot-Series Part 3: Deep Dive into Application Class

Application class in Spring boot is used to bootstrap and launch the Spring application from a Java main method. This class automatically creates the ApplicationContext from the classpath, it scans the configuration classes and launches the application.

Tomcat Started in Eclipse but showing Connection refused in browser – Error Solved!

I recently was building an old application in eclipse and came across a hurdle while publishing my Spring MVC based java application on tomcat server. The error was nothing! That strange beacause tomcat was started in eclipse and in console it was showing server startup status. But when I hit localhost:8080 in my browser the … Continue reading Tomcat Started in Eclipse but showing Connection refused in browser – Error Solved!

Java-Spring or JavaScript-Node.js?

Spring Framework for Java has been around past 15 years since its initial release. Most of the web developers prefer spring to build enterprise level web apps. But since last 3-4 years the Javascript has become more popular not only in the client-side development(Angular and React) but also towards the server-side development, thanks to nodejs. … Continue reading Java-Spring or JavaScript-Node.js?

Understanding Spring MVC project setup

Flow Diagram of Spring MVC  Img Source: TutorialsPoint  Purpose of web.xml Until Spring 3.1 the only way to configure the DispatcherServlet was with the WEB-INF/web.xml file. servlet name is dispatcher an instance of DispatcherServlet Class Will be initialized with a parameter named contextConfigLocation which contains the path to the configuration XML load-on-startup is an integer … Continue reading Understanding Spring MVC project setup