JavaScript vs JQuery vs Angular

In this blog we will see what is the difference between writing code in JavaScript, JQuery and Angular. We will write code in each language for the same example. The example shown below has two text boxes namely firstname and lastname. When you will start typing the first name in the text box it will … Continue reading JavaScript vs JQuery vs Angular

Java-Spring or JavaScript-Node.js?

Spring Framework for Java has been around past 15 years since its initial release. Most of the web developers prefer spring to build enterprise level web apps. But since last 3-4 years the Javascript has become more popular not only in the client-side development(Angular and React) but also towards the server-side development, thanks to nodejs. … Continue reading Java-Spring or JavaScript-Node.js?

Building a REST API in NodeJS, Express and MongoDB

REST stands for Representational state transfer. A REST API defines a set of functions which developers can perform requests and receive responses via HTTP protocol such as GET, POST, DELETE, PUT, PATCH. A Real World Example: Facebook  provides a REST API which you can query to get the number likes, you can provide a search … Continue reading Building a REST API in NodeJS, Express and MongoDB

Node JS:101

MEAN Node JS: Web Server Part Creating a Simple Web Server var http = require('http'); http.createServer(function (req, res) {     res.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'text/plain'});     res.end('Hello World How are you !'); }).listen(8080,'localhost'); Executing the above code in Node will create a web server and when you will send the request to server using a browser it … Continue reading Node JS:101

NodeJs: HTTP Request – Response to REST API

Sending HTTP GET/POST Request and Response using Node JS. Code: var https = require("https"); exports.handler = (events,context,callback) => { var options = { host : 'hostname', port : '443', path : 'ifany', headers: { 'Authorization' : 'Basic' + new Buffer("username" + ':' + "password").toString('base64') } }; // request request = https.get(options, function(res){ var body = … Continue reading NodeJs: HTTP Request – Response to REST API

AWS Lex: Building a BOT

What are Chat Bots? Chat Bot is a service that runs on rules or Artificial intelligence The users interact using natural and conversational Language. Chat Bots are like your personal assistants that actually assist you. They can live in any chat applications like Slack, Facebook messenger, Skype etc. Common example: Weather Bots - fetches forecast, current … Continue reading AWS Lex: Building a BOT