AWS: Route53

Route53 is Amazon service for DNS management for both inside and outside AWS.  It allows you to easily configure domain names to resolve to internal Service domain names. You can register domain names you already own or register through AWS. →  route53 ← EC2 app Route53 is core to letting users interact in AWS. … Continue reading AWS: Route53

AWS: Relational Database Service – RDS

Relational Database Service also known as RDS is a collection of AWS services for managed relational databases. We call the database as managed because AWS takes care of: Scheduled automated backups Simple Software Backups Managed infrastructure for the database If your database is hosted on EC2 then you have to figure out about database backups, … Continue reading AWS: Relational Database Service – RDS

AWS Lex: Building a BOT

What are Chat Bots? Chat Bot is a service that runs on rules or Artificial intelligence The users interact using natural and conversational Language. Chat Bots are like your personal assistants that actually assist you. They can live in any chat applications like Slack, Facebook messenger, Skype etc. Common example: Weather Bots - fetches forecast, current … Continue reading AWS Lex: Building a BOT

Trigger an Email using AWS Lambda with the help of AWS SES

Using the Amazon Web Services to Trigger an email. Here we have used AWS SES service. Firstly you have to register senders email address in AWS SES app in AWS then after confirmation, you can use the SES service in Lambda. Node JS Code for Lambda: var aws = require("aws-sdk"); var ses = new{ … Continue reading Trigger an Email using AWS Lambda with the help of AWS SES