November, 2017

  1. Nodejs on the rocks: Express.js
  2. A thing or two about NodeJs being a Web Server
  3. Dynamic String Conversion in JAVA
  4. NodeJs: HTTP Request – Response to REST API
  5. Trigger an Email using AWS Lambda with the help of AWS SES
  6. Sending HTTP GET Request to a REST API in JAVA
  7. Parsing JSON Output using JAVA
  8. Understanding Spring MVC project setup
  11. AWS Lex: Building a BOT
  12. The road to achieve Greatness!
  13. Connecting MongoDB with Node Js
  14. Building a REST API in NodeJS, Express and MongoDB
  15. What is AWS?
  16. AWS: Elastic Cloud Compute – EC2
  17. AWS: Simple Storage Service(S3)
  18. AWS: Relational Database Service – RDS
  19. AWS: Route53
  20. AWS: Elastic Beanstalk
  21. AWS: Dynamo DB
  22. How to use multiple Controllers in AngularJS?

December, 2017

  1. JavaScript: Donut Chart Inside another Donut Chart
  2. Tomcat: Request Header too large? Resolved!
  3. Why Spring Framework?
  4. Google Search Update
  5. Web Development Trends in 2017 and for future!
  6. Java-Spring or JavaScript-Node.js?
  7. JavaScript vs JQuery vs Angular
  8. Reversing a String: Java vs JavaScript vs Python
  9. Semantic Versioning
  10. Node.js: Developing a chat bot on Microsoft Azure Portal
  11. Resolved! – AWS Lex: ‘An error has occurred: Received error response from Lambda: Handled’
  12. Using Dialogs and Prompts to build a conversational BOT on Azure

January, 2018

  1. Using Dialogs and Prompts to build a conversational BOT on Azure
  2. HTTP GET and POST functions for REST APIs in Node.js
  3. Creating Object map in node.js
  4. How to extract custom entity from LUIS in the middle of conversation?
  5. Searching for similar strings within an array or object map in Node.js

February, 2018

  1. JIRA Cloud REST API: Create, Get, Update and Delete an JIRA ISSUE using node.js
  2. Conversational Text Formatting in Microsoft Bot-Framework

March, 2018

  1. Microsoft Bot Framework: How to validate user response to bot Prompts?
  2. Node.js: Callbacks v/s Events
  3. Data Structures in Java: Two Sum Problem
  4. Asynchronous call to a REST API using Node.js and using the Promises.

April. 2018

  1. How to use Timers in Node.js?
  2. Learning about LUIS and Consuming LUIS API in node.js
  3. How to change height and width of an iFrame in Atlassian-Connect-Express -JIRA Add-on? Solved!
  4. DirectLineAPI – Testing with custom client and POSTMAN – Microsoft Bot Framework
  5. Sending a Payload with custom message in bot framework Direct line API


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