First painting on iPad — Amazing Experience!

[Disclaimer: this is old post published earlier on my medium blog. This post is now moved here as part of migration from medium account]

First painting on iPad — Amazing Experience!

I recently bought an iPad Pro. I always wanted to buy this APPLE product since I was in college. Though I am not an Apple fanboy but this particular product from Apple I always believed has no alternative in the market. It is just one of best product with great user experience.

One of the reasons which made me buy the iPad was Apple Pencil and its ability to create seamless notes but what made me love apple pencil is its ability to draw and paint without any lags or glitches.

To be honest, I was never good at drawing since I was a child. Every time I had to make my elder sister complete my drawing assigments for me 🙂

About last Week

So, last week, I installed Sketch and Procreate app to get started with drawing on the device, I was surprised with the kind of options these two apps provide to draw sketches, paintings and animations.

Though sketch is a free app on Apple’s App store but I was actually awestruck with the kind of options Procreate provides from number of brushes to textures and designs, it is just impeccable. Procreate made painting so easy for me using an Apple Pencil. I loved it.

So now, whenever I have some free time, whether in-between my office meetings or before bedtime, I just try to draw or paint anything. Call off Duty has been replaced by procreate now! 😀

Though I have just started to explore procreate and it seems it will be a long journey for me creating designs or sketches and getting perfect at it.

Hopefully, I will be able to create something meaningful through this new gig!

Below is the first painting I created using Procreate. Not perfect but I enjoyed it!

Don’t Laugh! I am still a rookie!! 😀


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