Git and GitHub setup in Jenkins

To do the GitHub setup, make sure that Jenkins is installed, if not check my previous post. Git already comes installed if you select “Install suggested plugins” while setting up Jenkins

Step 1: Go to Manage jenkins

Step 2: Click on Manage Plugin

Step 3: Go to available tab and search for Git if git is not installed and search for git if it is not installed

Step 4: Now that Git is installed as a plugin in jenkins. Click on Create a Job .

Step 5: Let us create a FreeStyle Project and enter source code repo link to verify

Step 6: Go to github and grab the project clone url

Paste the URL in source code repository field

If you get above error it means git is not installed in your system or it is not properly installed

To solve, install git from – my git was installed in C:\Apps folder

Them in Jenkins go to Manage Jenkins -> Global Tool Configuration -> Git -> Git Installations -> Path to Git executable– > Give correct path of git.exe

This should remove the error!

And now the git is configured in Jenkins!


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