Creating and Deploying a Quick WordPress app on Azure

In this tutorial we will see how we can quickly get started with Microsoft Azure and create a simple web app on WordPress and deploy the same on Azure

Prerequisites for this are Azure Free Subscription. and absic knowledge of cloud concepts

Login into your Azure Portal.

Click on “Create Resource”

Search for “WordPress” and and then Click on Create

Enter the Application details as shown below

Enter the unique app name, select your subscription, select your resource group, if you do not have one – create it. In database, since this just a tutorial you can select MySQL in App as it will free.

Create a new app service plan as show below

In spec checker, select F1 tier which is a free tier, and Dev/Test type not the default which is the Production tier.

Application Insights- it is your choice if you want to enable it or not.

Click on create now.

You can check the notification center to see the deployment in-progress

Wait for 3-4 mins the web app should be ready.

Go to app resource to find the application URL.

Open the App URL

You will the following web page when you open the site

That’s it, your wordpress site has be setup

Now we can also use CLI to start and stop the app apart from the Azure Portal

Firstly check if you are using same Azure Subscription and Resource Groups in which the app is deployed or not! Use below commands in Cloud Shell or CLI

$ az account list --output table
$ az group list --output table
$ az resource list \
    --resource-group learn-1e093b8c-a207-4e7f-b541-d99ec3f4045b \
    --resource-type Microsoft.Web/sites

Now once the subscription and resource group is verified you can write the start and stop command

//stop the app
$ az webapp stop \
    --resource-group learn-1e093b8c-a207-4e7f-b541-d99ec3f4045b \
    --name <web app name>

//Start the app again
$ az webapp start \
    --resource-group learn-1e093b8c-a207-4e7f-b541-d99ec3f4045b \
    --name <web app name>

To check if the app has stopped, you will get below screen when you load the app again in the browser

So this is it, drop your queries below, if any!


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