Tomcat Started in Eclipse but showing Connection refused in browser – Error Solved!

I recently was building an old application in eclipse and came across a hurdle while publishing my Spring MVC based java application on tomcat server.

The error was nothing! That strange beacause tomcat was started in eclipse and in console it was showing server startup status. But when I hit localhost:8080 in my browser the response was:

Connection refused

So here is the solution which I have taken to solve this problem:

  1. Click on Window > Show view > Server or right click on the server in “Servers” view, select “Properties”.
  2. In the “General” panel, click on the “Switch Location” button.
  3. The “Location: [workspace metadata]” should replace by something else.
  4. Open the Overview screen for the server by double clicking it.
  5. In the Server locations tab , select “Use Tomcat location”.
  6. Save the configurations and restart the Server.

The problem was only that eclipse was not able to locate the correct location tomcat because the tomcat maybe installed in the non – C drive of your windows PC like somewhere in the D drive. So when perform the above steps you should be able to point the eclipse to start tomcat from its actual location.


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