CI/CD Pipeline with GitLab

With Auto DevOps in GitLab, It will automatically build, test, and deploy your application based on a predefined CI/CD configuration. To create a CI/CD pipeline here are pre requisites: GitLab account Git and Source code management basic knowledge Google cloud account for Kubernetes cluster Step-1) Create a project from a template in GitLab or you can … Continue reading CI/CD Pipeline with GitLab


Reversing a string in 3 ways using JavaScript

There are three popular ways you can reverse a string in JavaScript. Solution #1 - Using S-P-J (Split-Reverse-Join) Split the string into array of characters using split() function Reverse the characters of array using reverse() function Join back the characters in the array using join() function Solution #2 - Using Loop - C-L-A(Create - Loop … Continue reading Reversing a string in 3 ways using JavaScript