How to improve the Time to First Byte(TTFB) of your web app?

TTFB measures the duration from the user or client making an HTTP request to the first byte of the page being received by the client’s browser.
TTFB size is seen as a benchmark of a well-configured server application.

Few points to consider which can help reduce the TTFB of your application.

  • First Check your network connection. It should be fast enough.
  • Then check if the version of your web apps technology and tools are updated. For eg. Java version, php version, tomcat version, node version etc.
  • Check you Browser version, it should be latest.
  • Check your JavaScript code, it should not be blocking any code.
  • Check if you’re using web page optimised media(images, gifs, videos)
  • Check your PCs RAM, Use high end configuration systems.
  • Check if any REST APIs are synchronous in nature which is block the serverside execution.
  • Check your firewall if blocking stuff
  • TTFB can go from 100–200 ms to 1000–2000 ms

TTFB is different than load time of webpage.


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