How to deploy your static website on AWS using AWS S3 and AWS Route 53?

This post will show how can you deploy your static web application i.e basically html-css based app on AWS.

You need know about the two important AWS services like AWS S3 and AWS Route 53.

Below is the structure of a basic html web page:


Let us upload the above web file into AWS S3.

Go to your AWS Console> Services> Storage> S3


Create a bucket and upload files


After uploading, click on the file and make them public so that you can them over internet.


As you can see below our web page is accessible over internet.


To register a domain name for your web app, we have go to AWS Route 53 service and register a domain name. Make sure the domain name should be same as your s3 bucket name where your files are hosted.

qwe9qwe10qwe11qwe12You can register a .com domain for USD $12 or check other pricing domains.

After you bought the domain name, just click on record set and configure the domain name with your S3 bucket.

And you will be able to access your website using the same domain name.



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