Solved: How to increase the speed of WAMP server?

If WordPress running too slow on localhost and taking too much time to load. You can fix this issue very easily.

Solution 1: Disable CGI_module in Wamp’s Apache server.

1: Right click on WAMP > Apache > Apache Modules> uncheck “cgi_module”

Method 2: Edit httpd.conf and disable the loading of the CGI module by commenting this line:

LoadModule cgi_module modules/

Commenting would be just adding a # in front, like this:

#LoadModule cgi_module modules/

Restart the Apache service and you should be good to go.

Un-check the cgi_module

Cgi_module is responsible for execution of third party cgi scripts.

Solution 2: Disable XDebug

If you are using WAMP server, left click on WAMP Server in System Tray, Go to PHP > php.ini. open this file in text editor, Search for XDEBUG and add following 3 lines.

Set xdebug autostart to false


Disable your profiller



Shoot you questions in the comments section below.


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