Creating an EC2 Instance in AWS

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides secure, re-sizable compute capacity in the cloud.
To know more about EC2 go to our previous post here.

In this post I will show how to create your own EC2 Instance using AWS Management console.


  • AWS Free tier Account
  • Basic knowledge of cloud computing.

Step 1) Sign in to your AWS Management Console and Go to Services and chose EC2 as shown in below image:


Step 2) Click on Launch Instance Button to create a new Instance.


Step 3) The next screen will show you the list of the Amazon Machine Images, choose the free tier one. Check the box as shown below to see the list of free tier machines.


Step 4) After choosing the machine, select the Instance type. t2 micro is free tier instance type.


Step 5) Fill the Instance detail or fro learning purposes you can go with default values.


Step 6) In this step also you an for now go with default storage value.


Step 7) Add tags to add information to your instance.


Step 8) Add a Security Group, there will a default already or you can create a new one also and add rules like HTTPS and HTTP along side SSH default.


Step 9) Review your Instance to get it ready before lanch and click launch.


Step 10) Create a Key Pair by entering key pair name. A .pem file will be downloaded which contains information about the access to ec2 machine. This file should kept secretly.


Step 11) Go to your EC2 screen to see your running instance. Click on  Connect button as shown in below screen besides Actions button.


Through below commands you can connect to your Linux EC2 machine.


Will publish other information and tutorials on EC2 in the upcoming days!

Shoot you questions in the comments section below.



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