Building a JIRA Cloud Plugin

Atlassian offers Atlassian Connect Framework for building JIRA Cloud Plugin.

Plugin handles discovery, installation, authentication, and seamless integration of plugin into the JIRA UI.

JIRA Cloud REST API can also be used with the plugin with inbuilt authentication mechanism provided by Connect framework.

Hello World Plugin


  1. Code Editor (Notepad++ or VS Code)
  2. Knowledge of JavaScript(Node.js)
  3. Basic Understanding of JIRA
  4. Node Environment on development machine. (Download Node here)
  5. ngrok for tunneling it to the internet

Step 1: Get free JIRA Cloud Instance

JIRA provide free development instance for  Cloud free for 7 days.

Setup the instance here  


Fill your cloud instance name.

After filling all the details your cloud instance of JIRA will be ready.


Select a sample project (like agile or scrum project) and provide a suitable name.

After that, got to JIRA Settings-> Add-Ons -> Manage Add-Ons and click on settings as shown below:


A pop-up will appear and check both boxes to enable development mode and private listings(optional for now)


Now our JIRA cloud is ready so let us start jira plugin development actually.

For a basic Hello World Plugin go check the official docs here. They have described it pretty well.

We will be using atlassian-connect-express which is nodejs based package for developing Atlassian Add ons

You can get started from bit bucket repo here

Install as shown below

npm i -g atlas-connect

Create a project

Let’s start by creating an add-on project:

atlas-connect new <project_name>

This creates a new project in the current directory.

Install dependencies

Change to the new project directory and install dependencies:

npm install

If you get any errors related to node-gyp (especially with Node 8 on Windows), try installing its prerequisites.

atlassian-connect-express requires Node.js v4.8.4 or later. P

Running your Add-on Server

In your project directory, run:

node app.js

This will boot up your Express server on the default port of 3000.

You can follow the further steps here

Hope you liked it.

Shoot your question in the comment sections below.


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