Creating a custom page template in WordPress

The appearance of all the pages and posts that are created on a WordPress website is handled by a template file named page.php. Basic knowledge of HTML CSS and PHP is required to create a custom template in WordPress. Let us begin to add a custom page template to an existing theme. Step 1) Navigate to … Continue reading Creating a custom page template in WordPress


Solved: How to increase the speed of WAMP server?

If WordPress running too slow on localhost and taking too much time to load. You can fix this issue very easily. Solution 1: Disable CGI_module in Wamp's Apache server. 1: Right click on WAMP > Apache > Apache Modules> uncheck “cgi_module” Method 2: Edit httpd.conf and disable the loading of the CGI module by commenting … Continue reading Solved: How to increase the speed of WAMP server?

Cloud 101: Deployment Models

Cloud Deployment models are of three types: Private Public Hybrid Private Cloud Cloud infrastructure operated solely for a single organization. It is managed internally or by a third-party, and hosted either internally or externally. This model offers the versatility and convenience of the cloud, while preserving the management, control and security common to local data centers. … Continue reading Cloud 101: Deployment Models

Building a JIRA Cloud Plugin

Atlassian offers Atlassian Connect Framework for building JIRA Cloud Plugin. Plugin handles discovery, installation, authentication, and seamless integration of plugin into the JIRA UI. JIRA Cloud REST API can also be used with the plugin with inbuilt authentication mechanism provided by Connect framework. Hello World Plugin Pre-requisites Code Editor (Notepad++ or VS Code) Knowledge of JavaScript(Node.js) Basic … Continue reading Building a JIRA Cloud Plugin