Official Node.js Certification: Price, Syllabus and popular online courses

Node.js foundation has now opened an access to official certification for developers all around the world.


Node.js has been said as the future of web development due to its features like non-blocking I/O and asynchronous functionality.

  • Price: $300
  • Location: Remote, Online
  • Retake: Allowed once
  • Preparation: Material is included in the price.
  • Average salary: $115K

According to the certification specification, the exam syllabus covers the following topics:

  • Unit Testing – 5%
  • Diagnostics (Basics, Debugging, Performance) – 5%
  • HTTP(S)/TCP -11%
  • Events- 9%
  • Child Processes (Basics, no IPC/fork)- 7%
  • Buffer and Streams -9%
  • Error Handling -7%
  • File System -7%
  • Control flow (Async tasks, Callbacks) -10%
  • CLI (-E, -R, etc) -3%
  • Package.json- 5%
  • JavaScript Prerequisites (Closures, prototypes, var/let/const) -6%
  • Security -5%
  • Module system (Scope) -6%
  • Process/Operating System (no IPC)- 5%

Find more information on the exam site or in a Node.js blog post.

Popular Courses on node.js:

Learn and Understand node.js – Udemy

node.js tutorials – Pluralsight

Things you can build using node.js

  • Web Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • Web APIs
  • Chat Bots
  • Write Automation scripts



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