Conversational Text Formatting in Microsoft Bot-Framework

This post is about how can we do text formatting in the Microsoft Bot framework.

Like, how to send or receive text in bold, italics, list, quote, links etc.

  • Bold and Italics


session.send("Hello, **You said**, %s", session.message.text);



session.send("Hello, *You said* %s, session.message.text");


//bold and italics both

session.send("***This text is bold and italics both***");


  • Multiline Text


session.send("What is your name?\n\nWhat is your age?\n\nWhere do you live?");


  • List


session.send("Hi, Below is my list\n\n"+ "* Item 1\n\n"+ "* Item 2\n\n"+ "Item 1 ");


  • Strikethrough text


session.send("~~This is strike through~~");


  • Quote a text


session.send("Block quote below bar \n\n"+ "---"+ "\n\n> This is how you write quotes in here. Hope you like it.\n\n"+ "-BOT");


  • Adding Links


session.send("This is link: [bing](");


  • Adding text in increased font(a heading)

session.send("# This is big text\n\n"+ "This is normal text");


Hope it helps you when you are developing a chat bot using Microsoft Bot Framework.

Note: These formatting may not work on all channels like facebook messenger.

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