Why Spring Framework?

Spring Framework is a powerful lightweight web application development framework used for Java Enterprise Edition (JAVAEE).

Spring is described as a complete and a modular framework.

The Spring Framework can be used in all layers of implementation of a real time application.

It can also be used for the development of particular layer of a real time application unlike Struts, but with Spring we can develop all layers.

Since it’s release, the Spring Framework has continued to bloom in the market. Spring community is continuously coming up with new things and have spread into a vast ecosystem.

Today, it holds the top position in the framework market.Features:

  • Lightweight: Spring is known as lightweight framework with respect to memory requirements, size and transparency.
  • Inversion Of Control (IOC):  Loose coupling is achieved using Inversion of Control. The objects give their own dependencies instead of creating or looking for dependent objects.
  • Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP): By separating application business logic from system services, it supports Aspect Oriented Programming and enables cohesive development.
  • Container: It creates and manages the life cycle and configuration of application objects.
  • MVC Framework: Spring Framework is a MVC(Model-View-Controller) web application framework. This framework is configurable via interfaces and accommodates multiple view technologies.
  • Transaction Management: For transaction management, Spring framework provides a generic abstraction layer. It is not tied to J2EE environments and it can be used in container-less environments.
  • JDBC Exception Handling: The JDBC abstraction layer of the Spring Framework offers an exception hierarchy, which simplifies the error handling strategy.


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