AWS: Dynamo DB

Dynamo DB is the managed NoSql service from the the AWS.

Dynamo DB supports both documents and key-value pairs for storage models.

It is scalable and flexible.

Important features: Unlimited elastic storage, no hardware choices, pay only what you use.

The core structure of dynamo DB is a table only.

Provisioned Througput Capacity (PTC) = Number of read/write units per second.

Dynamo DB pricing depends on PTC and amount of data stored.

Dynamo DB pricing : 

PTC ( region is Oregon)

Amount of data stored

10xWrite units – $0.0065 per hr, 50xRead units- $0.0065per hr, i.e adding both gets us $0.013 per hr and $10 approx per month.

First 25GB is free. Then, $0.25 per GB per month.


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