AWS: Route53

Route53 is Amazon service for DNS management for both inside and outside AWS. 

It allows you to easily configure domain names to resolve to internal Service domain names.

You can register domain names you already own or register through AWS. →  route53 ← EC2 app

Route53 is core to letting users interact in AWS.

Route53 works first by setting up an hosted zone.

A hosted zone is basically the root domain name like or

By using hosted zone you can use route53 to setup subdomains like and configure them to AWS resources.

You can also record sets like A, CName, Mail exchange(MX) records.


Hosted zone


DNS entries

$0.50 per month

$0.40 per month


Route53: Health Check Service

This service allows you to check the health of a URL by allowing regular checks for a URL path.

It will send you alerts based on several rules

Route53 sends requests to and get responses like 404/503.

It costs about $0.50 per health check-up.


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