AWS: Relational Database Service – RDS

Relational Database Service also known as RDS is a collection of AWS services for managed relational databases.

We call the database as managed because AWS takes care of:

  • Scheduled automated backups

  • Simple Software Backups

  • Managed infrastructure for the database

If your database is hosted on EC2 then you have to figure out about database backups, data redundancy, and software patches.

But if your database is through RDS then AWS manages it all plus configuration is also easy. It also has ability to read replica.

RDS database options:

  • MySQL

  • MySQL server

  • PostgreSQL

  • MariaDB

  • Oracle DB

  • Amazon Aurora

RDS databases run on EC2 instances.

Advantages of RDS databases:

  • It makes easy to take snapshots.

  • It makes it easy to change the hardware and EC2 configuration as it backups the database.

Type of DB


EC2 instance type




Price: $0.35 USD per hr

$8.40 per day

Pricing changes based on the DB type.

Check latest pricing here

Other managed database Service offerings from AWS are DynamoDB for NoSQL and RedShift for DataWarehouse.

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