AWS: Elastic Cloud Compute – EC2


Elastic Cloud Compute known as the EC2 in short is one of the core service form AWS operating from multiple data centers around the world.

What does EC2 do?

EC2 is can be used to run applications, create virtual desktops, use 3rd party software with it and most importantly computing.

What does “Elastic” mean basically?

It means the instance which are running computing operations can increase or decrease at will.

Basic unit of EC2 is an instance.

What is an Instance?

An instance is basically a virtual server which is an operating system agnostic.(bsically a virtual OS)

EC2 uses AMI(Amazon Machine Image to create instances).

AMI = OS + Software used on a EC2 instance

Amazon only updates the image software, not your instance.

Let us compare the configurations provided by AWS for large instances.

Instance Types VCPU Memory(GB) Network
General Purpose – t2.large 2 8 Low to Moderate
Memory Optimized – r3.large 2 15 Moderate
Compute Optimized – c4.large 2 3.75 Moderate

Suggestion – Use EC2 for scaling AMIs.

Security Groups in EC2

Security Groups are the IP based configuration rules for a single or group of serverless instances.

Security Groups control which of the IPs your instances can talk to and which IPs can talk to your instances.

Scenarios of Security Groups:

  • Control who can SSH into the EC2 instances.
  • Allow access between the EC2 instances
  • Allows the access to Databases.
  • Allows HTTP requests.

Pricing – EC2

EC2 instances are charged by the hours of usage.

Prices vary according to the instances type and AMI type.

Launch an Amazon EC2 Instance for Free. Free Tier includes 750 hours of Linux and Windows t2.micro instances each month for one year. To stay within the Free Tier, use only EC2 Micro instances.

Instance Type AMI Price Rate
r3.large Linux $0.166 USD per hr , $3.68 USD per Day
t2.micro Linux $0.013 USD per hr, $0.31 USD per Day, $10 USD approx per month

Check current EC2 pricing updates here at EC2 Pricing

EC2 Instance Pricing Types:

  • On Demand Instances: Cheap
  • Reserved Pricing: Cheaper
  • Spot Instances: Cheapest

EC2 Free Service Offering:

750 hrs of t2,micro running Linux/windows server.

750 hrs of Elastic Load Balancing + 15GB processing.

30GB of Elastic BeanStalk(EBS) each month for 1 year.

Additional Pricing

EBS – $0.10 USD per GB/month

AutoScaling Groups – Free/month

Load Balancer – $0.25/hr

Get more info here: Amazon EC2





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