Spring MVC Project: Setup

Software Requirements

  • Eclipse Mars 2
  • Java, jdk 1.6 and above
  • Spring 4 jar files(download)
  • Apache Tomcat 7

Step 1: Create a Dynamic Web Project(File>New>Dynamic Web Project)

Step 2: Create project folder and packages as shown below

Step 3: Add required Spring MVC libs

Step 4: Add following code in web.xml

Step 5: Add following code in servlet-context.xml

Step 6: Add following code in application-context.xml

Step 7: Add following code in TheContrller.java

Step 8: Add following code in 2 jsp files- hello.jsp and link.jsp 

Step 9: Start the tomcat server

Step 10: Open the browser and open http://localhost:8080/SpringMvcBySarthak/hello

GitHub of the project here


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