How to use multiple Controllers in AngularJS?

Generally, new angular JS developers use only one controller while writing the script. But if we have to use multiple controllers here is how we can use it:

AWS: Relational Database Service – RDS

Relational Database Service also known as RDS is a collection of AWS services for managed relational databases. We call the database as managed because AWS takes care of: Scheduled automated backups Simple Software Backups Managed infrastructure for the database If your database is hosted on EC2 then you have to figure out about database backups, … Continue reading AWS: Relational Database Service – RDS

Building a REST API in NodeJS, Express and MongoDB

REST stands for Representational state transfer. A REST API defines a set of functions which developers can perform requests and receive responses via HTTP protocol such as GET, POST, DELETE, PUT, PATCH. A Real World Example: Facebook  provides a REST API which you can query to get the number likes, you can provide a search … Continue reading Building a REST API in NodeJS, Express and MongoDB